Saling across images ( Shinkan Tamaki/ 2012/ Original format 16mm B&W / 4:3/ 15min/ music by Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura )
In your star ( Takashi Makino/ 2011/ 35mm 16mm 8mm to HD/ 16:9/ 25min/ music by Machinefabriek )
THE FOCUS ( Rei Hayama/ 2013/ 35mm to HD/ 4:3/ 25min/ sound by Rei Hayama )

This program is part of the WORM Parallel University. The Parallel University is the research and educational part of WORM, containing our agenda, our ridiculum and a variety of public events. Not only from educational perspective, but also as sheer entertainment. When you visit this event, you obtain study points. At 240 points you can become Master of Parallels. The amount of points (PCTS) per activity is listed on top of this page. See for more information our website wpu.worm.org

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